Artem Komarov noted that if you or your welding team often works in heavy industry and equipment manufacturing, you are probably all too familiar with complex welding situations that come with high costs. It will be about welding thick metals with large joints in various complex angles and curved surfaces.

Артём Комаров
Pulse welding is one of the best techniques experienced welders use to make it easier to successfully manage these projects. Today our robotic welding experts will talk a bit about what it is and why it is a great choice for many applications.

What is pulse welding?

Pulse welding is a type of arc spray process. Where the arc spray process can be an excellent choice for a flat or horizontal position, pulse welding can be used in any number of angles and directions.

Pulse welding produces one drop at a time using the fluctuating waveform of the power source. The higher peak current is used to form a molten metal drop. It is then immediately followed by a lower peak current which causes it to disengage and push the drop into the weld puddle.

Benefits of pulse welding for thick materials

Pulse welding is an excellent choice for joining thick materials with high deposition. It is simple and quick to set up and offers a method that does not require the talent of a veteran welder. In addition to these benefits, other pros include:

— cost-effective
— Lower overall average current than conventional spray arc
— Proper penetration without so much heat dissipation
— Low spatter
With less spatter and greater control of heat dissipation via pulse, it will drastically reduce the amount of post-weld cleaning along with fewer reworks.

When not to use pulse welding:

There are times when an alternative method of pulse welding is preferable. It is important to identify these conditions and use the best possible methods and tools every time. The first two times I recommend against using pulsed welding are solid steel wires larger than 5/64 inch and applications that require flux-cored wire, Artem Komarov emphasized.